Data Recovery

Data loss can occur due to virus attacks, faulty software functions, incorrect
shutdowns, voltage glitches,partition corruption, hard disk failure, folder
damage, accidental deletion of files, accidental formatting of  drive etc. In
such cases, we recover data without altering the existing integrity of the disk
structure and the data is transferred to another media.

We have expertise in recovering data from all types of hard disks,
floppies,ZIP/JAZZ disks, DAT  cartridges, tape cartridges, thumb drives and
flash cards.We have provided data recovery services  for big corporate,
Govt. organizations and small DTP operators. We have also given our
unique  services to the clients of major IT vendors like IBM Global Services
India, Compaq India, Wipro Infotech, HCL Infosystems, PCS, CMS Computers etc.

Kindly contact us at the earliest when there is any hard disk failure for safe
recovery of your precious data.


One Response to Data Recovery

  1. Geetha Ramachandran says:

    this is a great venture!!! me, geetha here. i had come to you at your office at vylassery. i have a thumb drive, which affected with virus. i couldnot escape from it so far even though i tried to mount it to anothor mount point and tried to recover on Ubuntu platform. would you please let me know whether you could help me out. please drop a mail to me at,

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